5 tips for changing your baby’s diapers


Cut out the stress of changing your child’s diapers with our easy diaper changing tips.

It’s messy, and it can become stressful pretty fast. Your baby squirms and screams when you try to change their diapers – they will squirm and scream to get changed in the first place! – and let’s face it, it’s not a pretty sight when you get the diaper off and start cleaning the baby.

But it doesn’t have to be the demanding job that it currently is. Consider these 5 easy diaper changing tips to make the process easy for you and the baby:

#1. Have a diaper station in the baby’s room. It makes the task of changing diapers easy if you have a designated diaper changing station in the baby’s room. It could be a simple pull-out shelf with sides, so that the baby doesn’t roll off while being changed. The advantage of having one spot for changing is that you do not spread the germs from the used diaper around. Make sure to sanitise the changing station every week with doctor-approved antibacterial solution.

#2. Be prepared with everything you need. You can’t leave a squalling baby alone while you run around to fetch diapers, powder, wipes and flannel. An important diaper changing tip is to have a well-stocked diaper bag at the ready always. Put extra diapers, wipes and powder in there, and get the bag out every time you change your baby. This saves time by helping you get organised, and makes the process less stressful for your child as well.

#3. Clean your baby thoroughly to prevent diaper rash. A big problem with leaving a wet diaper on too long, is that it might give your child a rash. Ditto for diaper material that does not suit your baby’s delicate skin. Prevent diaper rash by changing the diaper often, and cleaning your child with medicated wipes. Let the skin dry completely before you powder it and strap on a fresh diaper.

#4. Check your baby’s skin for signs of irritation. If your baby’s skin is habitually irritated by the diaper, you might consider switching to another brand or using cloth diapers. Many babies respond well to soft cloth diapers, which must be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly to prevent diaper rash. Use small safety pins with the cloth diaper, and position the pins such that your baby cannot reach them.

#5. Roll the diaper in a ball and dispose of safely. The used diaper comprises stuff that can spread germs around, so safe disposal is essential. You might invest in a diaper genie, or have a special trash pail just for the baby’s diapers. Make sure the pail has a lid that closes the bucket completely, or the room will acquire an unpleasant smell.

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