Ways Dads Can (& Should) Help During Pregnancy


Dads can support moms-to-be from conception to delivery. While it is true that it is the woman who does the bulk of the work in pregnancy, a man’s support can make it a more enjoyable journey. From being there to talk, to soothe pain, attend prenatal classes together, and help with house chores, a dad’s love and companionship are to be treasured. 

Here are some of the ways a dad should help his partner during pregnancy.

1. Communicate Often

Communication in pregnancy works in two ways: by patient listening and by wise speech. First, you need to learn to be a more patient listener. Take time to hear what your spouse has to say and show some empathy. 

Your spouse will feel so many little changes every day as the baby grows in her womb. So, be ready to listen to her talk about each of them. After listening patiently, you may decide whether to provide an answer immediately or just provide emotional assurance that all will be well.  

During pregnancy, talking to your spouse can help you to strengthen your bond. Remind your spouse about how you fell in love and what you love best about your partner. Tell her that your relationship will get stronger when the baby arrives.

Since your relationship will pass through various changes in the next few months, it is wise to lay a foundation that will enable you to cope with new challenges.

2. Get Informed

If you are having your first child, take time to learn all you can immediately after your wife breaks the good news. Begin with basic research about pregnancy and related issues so you can help your partner in the best way. Learn about contemporary issues that can affect pregnant women during this coronavirus pandemic as well.

You can search for good baby books and discover what to expect during all the trimesters of pregnancy, during labor, and after childbirth.  Talk to other parents on online forums and Facebook groups where you can interact with other parents. 

If your work schedule allows you, attend prenatal classes together with your wife. Otherwise, find out about evening or weekend childbirth classes and attend them together.

3. Help With the Chores

One way to give your spouse some relief is to reduce the amount of work she does in the house. Help your partner to pay bills, buy groceries, and take care of the laundry.

If you are not used to doing a lot of work around the house, you need to add the chores to your to-do list one after the other. Try not to overwhelm yourself and when you are not sure about how a task is to be done, ask for your partner’s advice.

4. Help Her to Make Healthy Adjustments

After doing some research, you will discover that there’re many things a pregnant woman should not do, eat, or drink. Making the needed changes can be tough for some moms-to-be. 

To show empathy and support, work at the dietary and lifestyle changes together. This will give your partner more motivation to make the necessary changes. 

Some of the changes include giving up smoking, alcohol, coffee, and avoiding unhealthy food and snacks. Both of you need to also start eating a healthier diet and make more meals at home. Your partner will always be grateful for the energy and effort you invest in changing your lifestyles.

5. Reduce Her Pain

Your partner is going to feel pain in various parts of her body. From her lower back to her waistline and her hips, she will definitely feel the effect of the weight of the baby. 

One of the ways to help her feel better is to give her a regular massage every evening. As you do this, add some sweet words to make it an emotionally soothing experience as well.

You can also help her to do exercises that strengthen her lower limbs and prepare her for a smoother delivery. Since most of the exercises are also beneficial to men, doing them together will enable the two of you to feel stronger and healthier.

6. Get Ready to Be a Birth Partner

Most dads stay with their spouses during labor, but it’s important that both of you agree about this before the delivery date.

Find out all you can about what takes place during labor and what may be involved as a birth partner. 

To be adequately prepared for the birth of your child, you need to:

* Help your partner pack her delivery bag and get one for yourself too.

* Decide how you will both get to the delivery ward 

* If you will be using your car, make sure it is in good working condition.

Pregnancy can be both challenging and exciting for mothers and dads to be. Every dad must provide as much support as possible. Offering a listening ear, a helping hand, and giving plenty of encouraging can make the pregnancy a fulfilling adventure.

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