All About The Foster Care Training Process


Foster care can be defined as an arrangement whereby a minor is placed in a residential home, group home, another member of the family, an institution, and ward with a caregiver who is certified by the government. This caregiver or foster parent goes through a training process and is awarded a certificate to endorse their services. The government through the social services department arranges for the placement of the foster child. Moreover, the institution or the foster parent is reimbursed by the government.

Other government organs such as the agency of child protection and the family court are formally responsible for all the legal decisions of the child. However, the foster parents are in charge of taking care for the child every day for a certain period of time. This system is a temporary option that has been used to take care of the children for some time when their parents are sorting out their issues or through a rough patch in the child’s life. Furthermore, the foster parent is responsible for offering an established, secure and nurturing environment that enhances the family values of the child.

However, the foster parent has to efficiently pass through a structured procedure. The process of foster parent licensing takes a variable time frame, but, it might take a minimum of three months to even six months. In some instances, it might take longer. Furthermore, it depends if you complete the steps with haste then time frame will be considerably shorter. In addition to this, there are several other points that are keenly considered. Below is a breakdown of the foster care training process:

Beginning the Process

An impending foster parent should fill some certain forms prior to beginning the training process. These forms include checklists for fire inspection, the training hours that you prefer, and financial information. In addition, references for background checks, fingerprints, and medical exams are also needed.

Endorsing the Applications And Checklists

The process of validating your background checks, fingerprints, and other checklists may take several weeks. However, you can ensure that it takes the least amount of time by making sure that your medical checks are performed as soon as possible. Additionally, following up the people who are dealing with your reference letters will speed up this step of the process. Endeavor to have all your forms completed in time so that you can start the training process.

Training Hours

Although the hours of training vary from state to state, foster care training process independence oh is a reliable autonomous system. Various agencies may offer their foster training classes during a range of times. Some may run their classes on two weeknights and others during the weekend. The time frame that the classes are offered will assist you in completing the classes faster and hasten your training period.

In some states, the training is provided for only a certain time frame in a year. Consequently, you may have some free time before the training begins. In Ohio, even after the foster parent becomes licensed, they still need to attend a continued training program after two years. To complete this continued training one needs to attend 60 hours of the training. This may include video training, books and training online. This training assists the foster parents in Ohio in maintaining their license.

After attending the classes and being validated, the foster parents will be visited in their home by an assessor. In addition to this, home study classes will also be run by the official. Once the validation of these studies is submitted then you get your license.

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