Flying with a Toddler: Seven Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers



Flying with a toddler! The first thing that comes into our mind is ‘it is going to be stressful, very stressful’. This gets even more worrisome if it is your first time as parents with your baby. Although it is challenging for parents, especially who are new in this phase, but it is not something that cannot be dealt with. So, if you are a new parent and need a vacation with the bundle of joy, just do not worry and proceed with booking your flight tickets. However, some of the things which if you keep in mind will lessen the problems that you may face during the travel period.

Here are seven tips for flying with babies and toddlers, which you can follow.

  1. Book Direct Flights: Try to book tickets of flight that is direct to the destination and has no layover in between. This will as a whole take lesser time and also your baby will not get bored. This will also enable you to feed your baby fresh food and avoid the stale or packed food, which you might have to give to your baby due to long duration of traveling.
  2. Keep Baby’s Essentials Handy: You must make sure that you keep your baby’s essential items handy. There are times when your baby can start feeling really irritated or any urgent situation may occur; or you may have just taken your seat and your baby has pooped, at that point of time you would need the required items handy. This will help you to rush to the restroom and clean your baby as fast as possible before the flight takes off. To make things easier, keep every essential item in a single bag that has many compartments.
  3. Get a Travel System Stroller: When it is about catching a flight for the wonderful vacation you have planned, with a baby can give you an adrenaline rush. When you enter the airport, carrying your baby and running to the counters and then for security check can make things messy. A travel system stroller can be your best friend at precisely that point of time. You can keep your baby seated in that and rush to the airport gate. This will definitely be less tiring for you as well as for your child.
  4. Keep Food Ready: Babies get hunger pangs in every three to four hours. Seeing your baby hungry will not be a great sight and is extremely cruel to the child. Therefore, make sure you take lots of dry fruits and food. This will save the food from getting stale and also healthy for the toddlers and the babies. Also, do not forget to feed the baby during take-off and landing.
  5. Get Toys: It is hard to keep a baby or a toddler busy with only one activity. Also, it may be exhausting for an adult to keep on talking to a baby. Your baby’s favorite toys can save you from that circumstance. Make sure you are flying with your baby’s toys.
  6. Bring Required Medicines: This is an important point and you need to ensure you carry some of the important and required medicines always for you baby. We need to understand that babies are vulnerable and might catch flu when they land on to some other land. To avoid such a situation, you must carry some basic but important medicines.
  7. Pay for Leg Room: While you are in the flight, you and your partner might have to switch carrying the baby on lap. If there is enough leg room, it will help your baby to stand for some time as they mostly keep on switching between standing and sitting on their parents’ lap. If that needs some extra money, make sure you do that.

These few tips can save you from a tiring travel, and rather make it joyful for you. Enjoy your vacation with your family, especially the tiny person who lightens up your day, everyday.

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